The latest episode of GoT, Beyond the Wall, was everything we could have asked for and more. The stakes are even higher now as the Night King also has a dragon-zombie. 


We also got a scene which hinted that the Jon Snow-Daenerys Targaryen alliance is not just political. 

The two have started having feelings for each other and though they don’t know that they are related, this love story in the making is probably going to be a huge plot point in the series.


Apart from the stellar battle sequence, the episode hinted heavily towards Jon’s future kids and Dany’s children.

Jon Snow took the Black in the first season which meant that technically he wasn’t allowed to have any children, or have sex for that matter but that boat sailed a long time ago. He is the King in the North now and though his character has never spoken about legacy, the Jorah-Jon conversation put a seed in his head about his future kids.

Jon returns Longclaw, his Valyrian steel sword, to Jorah as it belonged to Lord Commander Mormont. Jorah refuses to take it back and suggests Jon keep it for himself, and his children after him.


The Daenerys-Tyrion conversation at Dragonstone had Tyrion asking for Dany’s successor and though she got pretty pissed with her Hand, he had a valid point.


Daenerys’ children are her dragons and she lost one of them, Viserion, beyond the wall.


Daenerys and Jon bonded really well when he woke up and there again, they mentioned that Dany cannot have children. Dany got pregnant with Khal Drogo but in an attempt to save him through black magic, she lost her child. It was from Khal Drogo’s pyre that her dragon babies were born.


Game of Thrones is the kind of show where every tiny detail, every reference and every dialogue holds a lot of importance. Looking back, a lot of plot points were hinted at in the previous seasons. 

The reference to both, Jon & Daenerys’ lineage, numerous times in one single episode cannot be just a co-incidence and we wonder if that’s a hint for the forthcoming plot.


The love between Dany and Jon is already brewing and if they get together, there is a possibility that she will have children. 

The show has always repeated that Targaryens had kids within the family to keep the bloodline pure and since Jon is also a Targaryean, this is a legit possibility. The discussion about children in this episode could be foreshadowing the same.


Since these two are the primary characters on the show right now, we doubt they will just sail through and sit on Iron Throne. 

GoT has always managed to shock its audience by sudden deaths of beloved characters so it’s highly unlikely that the two most important people on the show will win the Game of Thrones.


Instead, if they have a child, he/she could be the one sitting atop the Iron Throne. 

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