The loss of Irrfan Khan is a gut punch for us all. In remembrance, many people have been revisiting his best works. Some of it is very well-known, while there are other gems that have flown under the radar, but still shine brightly. 

Sahil Rizwan pointed out on Twitter that a show called In Treatment is one of these underrated pieces. 

Like most movies or shows featuring Irrfan, this one too is lit up with his presence. In season 3 of In Treatment, Irrfan appears in 7 episodes as a patient, and his performance is being lauded.

The premise of the series follows a therapist named Paul and his sessions with various people through the course of his work. While conducting these sessions, he realises certain things about himself in the process, not all of them easy to swallow. Each episode focuses on one character, who sometimes return.

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The episodes starring Irrfan talk about loss, displacement, and the unpredictable nature of life.  

Irrfan’s Khan’s on-screen brilliance will be truly missed – one of the great ones, gone too soon.