In a Brut interview that is now being shared on the internet, late actor Irrfan Khan tells the difference between working in Bollywood vs working in Hollywood.

Sometimes in our industry, the centre of the story is the image of the star and all the departments serve that image…The films that I do in Hollywood, there the centre is the story.

He further told how an actor becomes an “outsider trying to create a disturbance” if they try to do something unconventional.

You are always like a threat. Either you should come and serve the conventional storytelling or you are an outsider.

He also said how acting in drama school and then movies changed his perception of the craft. 

I became an actor for acknowledgment, but it (acting) is not acknowledgment, it is an experience which you share with the audience and that becomes your wealth.

What a great perspective. You can watch the whole video here: