It’s been a month since we lost Irrfan Khan, one of the finest actors of Bollywood. His demise left a void in everyone’s lives – fans, friends and family.


In an exclusive interview, Pinkvilla spoke to one of his friends from his hometown. Ziaullah, who is not just a friend but also his neighbour from Krishna Colony in Jaipur said that Irrfan’s demise is an irreparable loss for him and everyone who has known him.

Remembering his beloved friend’s humility, Ziaullah, said:

Irrfan never behaved like a celebrity. He was just another neighbour for the residents of Krishna Colony. He used to meet neighbours and talk to them nicely. He used to inquire about them. Whenever he used to come to meet us, he would mostly talk about patangbazi and laugh. You could never make out that he was such a big star.
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Ziaullah also said that the actor was deeply attached to his mother. Irrfan’s demise came within four days of his mother’s death in Jaipur. Due to a nationwide lockdown, he could not attend her funeral rites.

Revealing one thing about Irrfan not many would know about, Ziaullah, said that Irrfan had also donated for COVID-19 patients, but warned everyone against talking about it.

With the Coronavirus situation we were creating funds to help people. When we spoke to his brother, he was ready to help and even Irrfan helped us with funds for poor people. His only clause was nobody should know that he has helped.

The actor was known for his humility and readiness to help anyone in need. And this revelation has filled us with more respect for him.

You can read the complete interview here.