There is no better way to remember an artist like Irrfan Khan, but through his art. And poet Anuradha Gakhar gave us that chance by recently uploading Irrfan Khan’s recitation of her poem, Kammo Tai

Kammo Tai is a heartbreakingly beautiful poem that describes the pain of parents abandoned by their children. 


The poem begins with drawing parallels between things that remain alone, like the road, an old Peepal tree, and the poem’s protagonist, Kammo Tai – an elderly mother abandoned by her children. 

In his inimitable style, Irrfan brings alive the pain of abandoned parents, when he talks about children forgetting their way home. 

Simple in its expression but profound in its thoughts, the poem ends with a sobering realization about people who are destined to remain lonely.

You can listen to the complete poem here: 

People took to social media to comment on the beauty of the poem and Irrfan Khan’s recitation. 

Late actor Irrfan Khan immortalized his performances because he truly breathed life into his art. And Kammo Tai gave us a chance to witness his magic all over again.