Actor Irrfan Khan’s demise left a hole in the film industry that is felt by not just his fans, but also his peers and fans of cinema, in general. Because the magic that Irrfan weaved through his performances remains unmatched.  

New Indian Express

But, thanks to his son Babil, we’ve gotten a small glimpse of how the genius worked. 

Babil shared a video on Instagram, where he held a diary he had gifted his father when he was 12. And in that diary were Irrfan’s notes on acting, presumably written for Babil. 

In the diary, Irrfan wrote about how it was important to understand the true intent behind a scene, to create drama, not just portray it, and to treat the text as holy. 


Naturally, netizens were overjoyed on receiving Irrfan’s invaluable insight on acting: 

Irrfan’s genius is hard to put into words and impossible to recreate. But at least this way, we can come a little closer to understanding it.