The OG khatron ka khiladi has always been in the limelight be it for his explosive action stunts or his movies that empower different social causes. We know him to be the larger than life star who is fit as a fiddle and can seamlessly transition between action, romance or comedy. However, this time Akshay Kumar has set the rumour mills on fire with a video that honestly no one could’ve ever predicted. 

The video in question is from a Harpic ad shoot where Akshay Kumar can be seen walking past a gathering of reporters who appear to say something that makes him throw down the gauntlet. Our Khiladi no 1 has stated he’ll be taking a sanyaas if there is anything better than Harpic, as claimed by the reporters.

In the middle of all this though, we are also left to wonder if there truly is something new which can be better than Harpic. 

AK has shown tremendous confidence in Harpic. We are hoping that his confidence isn’t shook and we can’t wait till it’s revealed who this new challenger claiming to be ‘better than Harpic’ is. We sure hope Akshay Kumar himself comes out to spill the beans soon and puts an end to this rumour mill!