Avengers: Endgame was the climax to 10 years of storytelling. Literally everything a comic book fan ever wanted to see on screen, it was there. Captain America lifting Mjolnir? Check. Professor Hulk? Check? A full on war? FUCK YES!

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But, let’s be honest. After 10 years, the superhero fatigue is finally setting in. Make no mistake, millions would still go and watch the next MCU movie and the one after that but most of us will just wait till they stream online. 


And it’s understandable. After all, most of the OG Avengers are gone. Stark’s dead, Cap’s old, Thor will probably pass on the torch in the next film, Black Widow’s dead and Hawkeye is retired.  


These are the characters we grew up with. Characters like RDJ’s Tony Stark were so iconic and charismatic that people would just flock the theatres for him. 

Now, make no mistake, I’ll personally still watch Black Panther movies. Most of you will probably also have chosen heroes that you would like to stick with but it will never be anything like waiting patiently for years for a storyline like the Infinity Saga to end. 

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Besides, now that the hype has died down, when you look back objectively at the Infinity Saga, you will realise that barring a few films, the stories were more of the same. It’s either the arrogant hero redeeming himself on his journey, the reluctant hero who has to fight or the righteous man or the bad guy trying to wipe the red of the ledger. End of the day, it’s all the same. 


We just didn’t care back then because we really loved the characters, we grew up with them and we wanted them to complete their journeys. But now that they are gone, we are going to find the flaws, we are going to call out studios for being redundant. 


Actually, it’s already happening. Are you honestly, going to the theaters to watch Ant-Man or another Teenage Spider-Man drama? 


Aren’t you actually more interested in The Falcon & The Winter Solider Or The Loki series? 

It’s simple. We are the first generation to have witnessed our comic book heroes come to life. And it has been a special experience. But it all came to a full circle with Endgame. It was a very enjoyable road but it was also very exhausting. And we are sort of relieved that it’s over. 


All our favourite characters found peace, one way or another. All the chapters are closed, all loose ends have been tied and there’s a sense of finality, a point of saturation. 


DC, on the other hand, seems to be turning a page with Batman, Black Adam, Suicide Squad and even Justice League Snyder Cut but those projects will take some time to hit our screens. 

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Maybe, what The Avengers and The Dark Knight series did for us, these new heroes might do the same for a this generation of fans but let’s be honest, end of the day, it’s different versions of the same story. 


Robert Pattinson is the 3rd Batman in 8 years. Tom Holland is the 3rd Spider-Man since the 2000s. How many more times do the Waynes have to die or Uncle Ben have to die? Or Clark Kent prove to the world that he’s one of us?

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It’s the same old story, same old formulae, just differently packaged. So unless, they figure out a way to get us something new, something that entirely different, I fear there’s a superhero fatigue setting in, especially with shows like The Boys, that have deconstructed the entire genre. 

Sure, studios will keep on making movies with great and diverse cats, be more progressive, have better CGI than anybody else but it’s a chapter of our lives closed. Sometimes, we will decide to reopen the book and revisit some of our favourite tales but broadly speaking, we’re done.