Sexy Beasts is a dating show with a ‘twist’. The show dresses up contestants as ‘beasts’, as they go on blind dates together and fall in love with personalities. 

The look – which is really just a very detailed prosthetics mask is supposed to mask the hotness of these contestants because they are tired of people falling in love with how good-looking they are. 

But that’s not even the most absurd part of the show. While the rest of the daters were dressed as pandas, aliens and even ‘the devil’, one contestant was given a ‘witch’ look. Which sadly, resembled traditional Asian attire a little too much. 

While the others were dressed as animals, this is what a ‘witch’ looked like. 

From the chand bali to the matha patti – her entire ‘witch’ look (that is what they call her throughout the show), is cultural appropriation at its worst. And the internet noticed. 

What were you thinking? What made you think it’s okay to use traditional jewellery – that belongs to places like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East – as a part of your ‘witch’ attire? And let’s not even mention the scarf. 

Somebody’s culture is not a costume, let alone a ‘beast’ one. 

Shaadi Dukan / Vogue

This pure lack of sensitivity and cultural appropriation is a stark example of where lack of research can lead. 

All images are screenshots from Netflix unless mentioned otherwise.