2018, aka, the year of the celebrity wedding is coming to an end with a loud, extravagant, and fabulous bang! Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal are to be wed this week, and celebrations have been in full swing with the sangeet to beat all sangeets.

With literally the whole of Bollywood present, superstars performing like it were no biggie, everything about this wedding is making us go, “kitne gareeb hain hum”. Here are a few OTT things that the Internet taught us about the Ambani pre-wedding hysteria (because obviously us plebs weren’t invited). All for good reason, we think.

1. The Ambani khaandaan danced to G-U-J-J-U.

And the meme world basically lost to the first family.

Memers – 0; Ambanis – 1

2. SRK played second fiddle to Gauri… Yes, she performed.

In yet another chapter of what the Ambanis can make possible, Gauri Khan performed. Shah Rukh danced too. Just another Ambani shaadi. No big deal. 

3. You saw John Legend at the engagement, they raised you Queen Bey at the Royal Pre-Wedding.

Aka, Ambani’s revenge for Hymn for the Weekend, on behalf of the whole country. 

4. Salman Khan’s fabulous performance… as a background dancer.

Nobody puts Bhai in the corner. Except Ambanis.

Bhai – 0; Ambanis – 2

5. Nita Ambani’s performance with A LOT of backup dancers.

Aka Mama Nita’s Navratra jam. Because Navratra can be anytime and anyhow the Ambanis say it is.

Dandiya association – 0; Ambanis – 3

6. Newlywed PeeCee left everything to dance to Desi Girl.

Because the Ambanis will never let you forget your roots. You may be rich but you can never be ‘make a newlywed international superstar postpone her honeymoon to perform at your sangeet’ rich.

7. KJo was found on the other side of the stage — the performing side.

You may be rich, but you can never be ‘make a serial dance-show judge and senior filmmaker do a dance performance with your daughter’ rich.

8. The biggest names in Bollywood did a dedicated performance to a song dedicated to the bride.

This used to be just another Bollywood song. It is now an ode to the Ambani heiress. Just because…

Film this and it can easily be an ensemble Bollywood performance.


No one does sangeets like the Ambanis. Duh!