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So #DeepVeer just happened and the Bollywood fanatic in me couldn’t keep calm when I saw the pictures of the newly wedded couple. For a grown man, I am way too obsessed with Bollywood couples and romances and TBH, I am not even ashamed to admit it. So when I came across a video of Bollywood’s heartthrob Ishaan Khattar, talking about his girlfriend, I went all gaga! My weak heart wasn’t ready for another Bollywood romance (or a wedding) but I got my hopes up.

Little did I know that I was in for a ride. Ishaan Khattar’s Instagram post (below) raised more questions than it answered and much like me it left the entire Internet scratching their heads:

So Ishaan has a girlfriend and apparently, she is throwing a ‘googly‘ at him. That he has a girlfriend is amazing but what ‘googly‘ is he talking about? *mystery intensifies*. 

The plot thickened. There were several questions that were going through my mind and that is when my detective instincts got the best of me. I did an in-depth investigation into the social media and found a video that seemed like it was related to his Instagram post. Take a look:

In the video, Ishaan can be seen boating in the beautiful Dal lake and the caption of the video says ‘Kisne machai Ishaan ki life mei Khali-Bali?‘ No points for guessing, this didn’t lead to a conclusion but now we know 2 things for sure: 

1. Someone’s throwing a ‘googly‘ to Ishaan

2. There is also ‘khalbali‘ in his life.  

Now, why would the mastermind behind this video call it ‘khali-bali‘ and khalbali? Is he trying to drop a hint? Is it something that we can’t decipher now?

So in conclusion, there is something rather interesting going on in Ishaan Khattar’s life. We can’t put a finger on something and say what exactly it is but it’s something worth finding out and I’m sure y’all would agree. I may not have gotten all the answers but fret not! The detective in me still hasn’t given up and will get to the bottom of this modern day mystery. 

IDK about you but I can’t wait to find out what Ishaan Khattar is trying to tell us. If you happen to find something of help, share it in the comments below. Oh, and keep watching this space! We’ll keep you posted on the story, *wink*.