A few days ago, singer Amaal Mallik had said that he is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, something which opened a can of worms on the internet. 

In fact, people started trending the hashtag कुत्ता_पालो_अमालमलिक_नही to express their anger. 

According to Amaal, his statement proved unacceptable to Salman Khan fans. They apparently had an issue with Amaal’s opinion, given Salman was the one who launched him. 

In his tweet, Amaal said that while he respects Salman, he is not going to take sh*t from his fans.

Soon, Shah Rukh fans came out in large numbers and expressed their support for Amaal. They used hashtag IStandWithAmaal for the same.

Doesn’t take much for things to go out of hand on social media.