Sacred Games Season 2 continues its previous season’s trend of fleshing out larger than life characters.

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched Sacred Games Season 2, do not proceed. 


One such character is Pankaj Tripathi’s Guruji. Actually that’s not fair because he is the one playing the Sacred Games. 

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Introduced in season 1 as Gaitonde’s Teesra Baap, we find Guruji to be so much more than that. The self-declared saviour of a broken world, Guruji believes his idea to be the salvation of the masses that survive the nuclear winter, he is about to bring. 


One may question his motives and methods but he, along with those who follow the path of his madness, believe him to be inevitable. 

Guruji is a benevolent sociopath who believes that the human race is going to eventually end itself.

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But in order to save the ones that deserve to be saved and usher the world into a new era of light, he must play the catalyst in fastening its demise. 

Sound familiar? Well, given that a similar character had very recently wiped out half the universe, it would be very surprising if you at least hadn’t heard of him. 

We are talking about the Mad Titan, Thanos. 

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Thanos and Guruji may not share the same belief system when it comes to the very fudamentals of it but essentially they are both mass-murdering maniacs who fast-forwarded the end of days so that a grateful world could be reborn, a world that would know nothing but ‘clear skies and full bellies’. 


They don’t care that the future they plan on building upon would stand upon the corpses of billions. To them, that is the price they are willing to play. 


They both have an ardent group of followers who would rain fire on themselves just to see their vision come true. 

And both have the calmness one requires to let life drain from themselves and embrace death once they know that their plans have come to fruition. 


They both believe that the world is too corrupt to save and must be ended. Admittedly, Thanos was a bit fairer in his methods. He killed at random, rich and poor alike. He wanted some of the world to live, he didn’t care who it was.  

Guruji, meanwhile, is a bit old testament. He wants to put some of humanity on a boat and then flood the world with death. Those who make through the journey would be given a chance to build the civilisation according to his will.

Much like Batman Begins‘ Ra’s al Ghul, Guruji wants to burn the world, because he believes it needs correction. He believes that to start anew, he needs to wipe out the existing order. 


Either way, they’re all way too similar to be ignored. They are all madmen on a spiritual quest to cleanse the world of life in order to save it. Damn the consequences.