If you’re a Potterhead or are planning to become one during this lockdown, here’s a treat.  

J.K. Rowling is offering free audiobooks and ebooks to the first Harry Potter novel, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, throughout April. She has also launched “Harry Potter at Home” for young children. 

Every “Wizarding Wednesdays” the new hub will offer magical craft videos, fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and more for both first-time readers and for those who already are Harry Potter fans.  

In a statement, J.K. Rowling mentioned that she hopes that the magical universe of Harry Potter opens a new world for first-time readers and children. 

The ‘Harry Potter at Home’ hub aims to help inspire you, your family, your friends, and especially children all around the world to read for pleasure and enjoy the stories, as well as bring some magic-infused joy and entertainment to all the family. 

For a Potterhead, this is a dream come true during this crisis.