Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na remains one of Bollywood’s most loved romantic comedies, and rightfully so. Of course, in Bollywood, every romantic story has its villain and this story’s villain was Sushant, Aditi’s fiance!

Remember this guy?


Well apart from our obvious dislike for him, because he stood in between Aditi and Jai, the other thing that made him enemy no. 1 was that he slapped Aditi! 


And while it may have been a scene in the film, it impacted the audience enough that years later, actor Ayaz Khan took to Instagram and confessed that slapping Aditi was the biggest regret of his life. 

Yes, in an adorably hilarious video, Khan shared screenshots of Instagram comments where people are calling him out for his character’s actions towards Aditi in Jaane Tu. And then proceeded to react to those comments. 

Soon after, fans commented on his video, with some “almost” convinced to forget his character’s actions: 

Khan actually debuted with Bluffmaster, and later starred in the hit show, Dill Mill Gayye. But clearly, Jaane Tu remains his most memorable appearance! 


You can watch the complete video here: 

All images are screenshots from the Instagram video, unless specified otherwise.