Anda curry patta – if you have spent enough time in the trenches of Instagram, chances are high you have seen people create their own version of this dish with the voice over from Jackie Shroff explaining it to a person.

It is just one of those things. The recipe is simple, and I am pretty sure popular in many places too, but the way Jackie recited the whole thing, it went viral in no time. He makes it fun, he keeps it chill – and the results speak for themselves.

So, no wonder that these explainers have become the internet’s new favourite way of learning how to cook. He recently shared another recipe…of baigan bharta. This wasn’t ordinary baigan bharta though (must mention we love it in every form). This was the Jackie Shroff version, and it has people demanding that he start a YouTube cooking channel.

Here are people’s reactions to Jackie Shroff’s recipes. Everyone’s obsessed.

If he does come out with his cooking show, I am gonna watch that whole thing…and maybe even cook once in a while.