Irrfan Khan was, without a doubt, one of the finest actors of our generations, and it is nothing short of a privilege that we were able to witness him create sheer magic with his performances. And we, the audience, aren’t the only ones in awe of his talent. 

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He was the kind of actor who left an indelible impact on his peers as well. Case in point, Jaideep Ahlawat, yet another talented performer who has been making a steady place for himself in the industry, ever since his stint with GoW. 

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Recently, during an interview (Guftugu With Jaideep Ahlawat), organized by Jashn-e-Rekhta, Ahlawat spoke about his period of struggle, the difference between theatre and cinema, and actors who inspired him. 

And in that list, Irrfan Khan was easily one of the top names. 

In fact, Ahlawat actually compared Irrfan to Al Pacino, by placing them both in the list of actors who could speak volumes with a single expression. 

(You can see the scene Ahlawat is talking about here.)

However, it wasn’t just about inspiring him, but as Ahlawat put it, it was about being such a gifted artist, that every time you revisit his performance, you are left in awe of his talent. 

You can watch the bit about Irrfan Khan here here: 

The magic that Irrfan created with his performances, will without a doubt, continue to shine and inspire for ages to come. 

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All images are screenshots from the interview.