Yep, our very own ‘Oh-My-God’ Janice, caricature of a loud New Yorker woman, is indeed a misunderstood pie.

Here, let’s revisit some of the iconic Janice moments and see how the FRIENDS misjudged her.


Like one could actually say, ‘Smelly Cat‘ song is based on her life.

Here’s how: 

So, she talks loud, but it’s not her fault. She’s a misunderstood character, whose presence revolves around how she impacts the lives of the main characters. 

Come we hug you, you loud kitty.

In Season 3, when Janice & Chandler start dating, Joey outrightly claims his hate for her. It was then Janice who tries to connect with Joey, despite all the aversion around her.

In season 3, when Chandler and Janice again somehow cosmically seek each other out, and this time mutually have feels for each other, Joey (and everybody else) makes it quite clear that they hate her guts. But, this misunderstood pie, tries to make amends for something that isn’t even her fault. She spends a whole day with Joey.

She gives heart to heart advice to Rachel about being a single mother.

Loud, animal print-clad Janice actually comes out to be a real sweetheart, and genuinely tries to help Rachel. Though the advice backfires, but hey, the woman genuinely tried to help.

When Ross couldn’t find solace anywhere else – including with his own friends – after his divorce with Emily, he finds Janice to be of much-needed comfort.

So remember when Ross, the Divorce Force bonds with Janice over, well, divorce? While what happened was more than just bonding, or a very literal bonding (hehe) between’em, Janice came off as a genuine fren. While ultimately she gets annoyed with Ross’s whining, but then again who wouldn’t? Also, it’s okay for people to be annoyed with Janice, but not with Ross? NoNo. Not fair.

In Season 1, she gets dumped by Chandler THRICE and we still side with Chandler and not her. 

We couldn’t help but feel bad for this puppy in Season 1, when Chandler breaks up with her thrice.


She’s always been the underestimated witty kitty of the show.

Janice’s wit and comic-timing has always amazed us. And you my friends, can’t deny.

M.I.S.U.N.D.E.R.S.T.O.O.D. U.N.D.E.R.A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.E.D. P.U.P.P.Y., as we said.

She promises to write to Chandler at 15 Yemen Road, Yemen; while Chandler couldn’t be a stand-up guy & break up face to face.

Janice, you fool, in louve. He playing.

She makes a mix-tape for Chandler, and he gifts it to Monica when he forgets to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift, in Season 6. 

Ouch, Chandler, what is this ‘Theater of Cruelty’.

She steps back when Chandler says, “I still have feelings for you”, in Season 10, so that Monica and Chandler can have a happy life.

Okay, so we know, Chandler only said this to drive Janice away in Season 10, and to bar her from buying the house next door. But, it’s Janice indeed who steps back so that Monica and Chandler have a happy life. What a woman!

In season 9, she gives Chandler a lesson on adulting when he’s being a baby, at the fertility clinic.

The conversation gets real, showing Chandler the possibility that he and Monica might never be able to conceive. Janice has always been that character in supporting role, who’s the harbinger of bad news. But she does it in such an endearing way that it softens the blow.


We heart you, Janice.