Dear Viewers, 

Viewer Discretion: Please see beyond my nasal voice and my signature laugh while reading my side of the story.

Do you know what it feels like when you go out of your way to help someone and in return for your generous efforts you’re mistreated and made fun of? When you love someone from the bottom of your heart but they just treat you as their safety net?  

Hi, I’m Janice Litman Goralnik and my story is every girl’s worst nightmare. I know you’re bound by the Friend’s code to HATE me because of my loud personality. I know that I’ll never be the seventh honorary friend but here’s my side of the story. 

~Love Janice
( Chandler’s Ex-Girlfriend)  

Metro News

I was disliked for unapologetically being myself and just because I didn’t fit in, I was made fun of. 

You think I didn’t realise the eye rolls and snide sarcastic remarks every time I walked into Central Perk? I was disliked for being myself, even if that meant not being ashamed of my loud personality. 


Chandler asked Phoebe to break up with me, for him. How was I supposed to get closure, when his friend was ripping off the band-aid? 

I understand that Chandler and I were in a rocky patch but why couldn’t he break up with me HIMSELF? 


Every time Chandler was struck with the realisation that he was going to wind up alone and lonely, I was his safety net and his booty call. In fact in season 1, I got dumped thrice because he kept coming back to me. How was I supposed to move on? 

After our break-up, he called me on Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve because he didn’t want to be alone. It took him less than a day to dump me again, both times. 


Come on ladies, we all can relate to this commitment-phobic behavior and this fuckboi mentality.  

Remember when Joey wanted to “rip his arm off and throw it at me.”? I could have asked Chandler to make a choice but I decided to take the higher road and made an effort to bond with Joey. 


We went out for a METs game and got some Chinese on our way home. Honestly, Joey had a little more fun than I did. It was ” Joey and Janice’s day of fun”, indeed. 


Remember Ross’ second divorce with Emily? Who offered him emotional support and a shoulder to cry? When his friends were being immature and making fun of him?  

When none of his friends understood what he was going through, he found his solace in talking to me. 
In return, when I was being honest and told him that he was being too whiney, he insulted me in a condescending way and implied that I was the annoying one and not him.

We hooked up and stuff but do you really think it was worth Ross’ constant whining? 

I stood by Rachel and appreciated her for being a single mother when she was freaking out about it. 

This was after Ross asked Rachel to “cover the baby’s ear.” 


Remember all the mix tapes I gifted Chandler for his birthday? Yes, the same ones he recycled when he forgot to get Monica a gift. 

He didn’t make an effort for me and he didn’t make any great gestures for Monica. What does that tell you about him?

Is my loud ‘annoying’ voice still the reason why our relationship went down? 


The truth is, Chandler only wanted me when he couldn’t have me. He only realised that he ‘loved’ me when he saw me with another man. 

Even though he didn’t want to be “the other guy”, he acted like a child when I told him that I was going to give my marriage another try.


I promised to WRITE to him when he didn’t have the bone to break up with me. 

He chose to leave me hanging over being honest and giving me closure.  

Guess who decided to give Chandler a pep talk when he was being a big baby in the fertility clinic. 

After what he put me through, I still hoped for the best for him. 


After all these years, I have finally decided to open up about my side of the story. I’ve made my peace with it and honestly, I was too sorted for them, anyway.