We’ve already talked about how there’s a theory going around that says Arya Stark and the Waif at the House of Black and White in Braavos are the same person. But this A Song of Ice and Fire we’re talking about. Obviously there has to be an alternate theory.

[Don’t read if you haven’t watched S06E07 of Game of Thrones yet.]

This new one, suggested by Reddit user u/rolldownthewindow puts a new spin on the whole who’s-pretending-to-be-whom game.

And here’s how it goes – 

(And then someone suggested this too)

And then there was this pretty obvious sign.

She even speaks like someone else.


While the real  Arya would be like

 So who could it be?

The Waif faltered once.

We have to go back in history. By four seasons.

And to answer the pretty obvious question –

So what do you think? Did Jaqen make the ultimate sacrifice? Or does it sound too far-fetched?

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