Jason Bourne is the fourth collaboration between Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass and as usual, everyone’s favourite amnesiac assassin is trying to stay alive. When we first meet him, he’s fighting for money, somewhere on the Greek-Albanian border. Which is basically an excuse to show Damon’s incredibly buff body. 

But what follows is a purposefully twisty narrative, which touches upon hot button issues – online privacy, surveillance, personal freedom versus public safety. The CIA has many dark, dangerous secrets and of course Bourne must die. Almost every other character in the film is chasing him – including a deadly assassin named Asset who is played with a dour determination by Vincent Cassel. 

But ultimately Jason Bourne doesn’t get your adrenalin pumping because it’s relentlessly grim and claustrophobic. Anupama says, she did’t need popcorn thrillers to be sunny but a little air and levity would go a long way.

She gave it two and a half stars

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