Before I even get to Aquaman, I just want to say it out loud that Khal Drogo’s passing in Game Of Thrones, in the first season itself, was intense AF. I get that most people had to die in the series, but I wasn’t prepared to watch Khaleesi’s Sun And Stars dying so soon. *sobs*

Well! Be it Aquaman or Drogo, Jason Momoa is a phenomenal actor and even more interesting personality. He’s probably the craziest and most hilarious actor out there. There was a time when the actor was on a spree to troll guys when couples asked to get clicked with him.

Sad And Useless

We recently stumbled upon a video on Twitter that confirmed our faith in Momoa’s charming personality. With flower adorned on his hair, the actor was seen serving water to the passengers mid-air.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to it.

Imagine that you are a passenger on that flight. How would you react?