A lot of movies, based on aliens and other extra-terrestrial species, are a creation of CGA and other special effects. More often than not, the technology decides how much depth and detail a director puts into his movie. 

But one man, Javier Botet, pulled off one such role without having to use those special effects. 

Javier making an animated pose
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With a rare genetic disorder, Spanish actor Javier Botet is the perfect fit for anything horror or extraordinary in Hollywood. How? 

Growing 6 feet, 6 inches tall by the age of six  - his conditioned limbs and lanky stature make him the perfect fit to play a nightmarish monster in any Hollywood flick with ease, reports Bored Panda

Javier Botet
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Botet, who was diagnosed with this disorder at the age of six, has became a household name in the industry and his appearance has made him a favourite for science fiction/supernatural fans. 

Javier Botet
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Even though Botet's portrayal of horror characters does not require any CGI, a hefty amount of makeup goes into creating his creepy, monster facial features. 

Javier Botet
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His famous roles include - 

1. Slender Man in Slender Man 

Javier Botet
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2. Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant 

Javier Botet in Alien: Covenant
Source: Hollywood Reporter

3. Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2

Javier Botet in The Conjuring 2
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4. Faceless Man in The Crucifixion 

Javier Botet in The Crucifixion
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5. Keyface in Insidious: The Last Key 

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6. Myrtu in Other Side of the Door

Javier Botet in Other Side of the Door
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Claiming he's no longer afraid of such creatures, Botet explains his experience, saying: 

When there’s something digital, anything can happen. It’s like a cartoon – you lose the scare and the fear. I’d rather 100 times that you feel something is real, you can touch it, it exists and it can happen.
Javier Botet with fans
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Botet first brought monsters to life through his art, drawing monsters, and eventually moved to Madrid to pursue the craft.

His aspirations moved from behind the camera to in front of it while in attendance at a special effects workshop. He hasn't looked back ever since.