What is a key component of a good Bollywood film? Its music! The best films generally have really great songs that only make watching the film a better experience. And one recent release that definitely has interesting soundtracks is Looop Lapeta. Especially its title track. And one of the artists behind the hip song is Jay Anand. An incredibly talented trans musician and singer who is making quite the mark with his work. 

Instagram/ Jesmin Ahmed

From being gifted in music since an early age, to releasing an independent album and two singles, to then doing a project in Bollywood, it seems like Jay has really mastered his craft and reached a place of well deserved recognition. The singer has completed an associate program in Performance from the Musicians Institute, in Los Angeles. 

I have been singing and playing instruments from a very early age. Schooling in India can be rigorous especially once you are in high school. With every passing year, I was dropping an activity I used to do in school. Post graduating, music was the only thing that stuck with me. To pursue my passion I went to Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, Los Angeles to pursue my degree in Performance (Guitar). I graduated from MI in 2016. Since then I have independently released an album and 2 singles, and toured India, Thailand and US independently. I met Sidhant through a very close mutual friend of ours in 2017. We reconnected at a show I was performing at in Mumbai, July 2019. He asked me to come to the studio to try a few things the next morning. There has been no turning back since then. I did a couple of ads with Sidhant and Mayank and then this movie’s title track Looop Lapeta.

-Jay Anand

In case you haven’t gotten the chance to hear the song, here it is.

Jay frequently uploads videos of his performances and impromptu singing sessions on his Instagram page, and we love it because his voice is wonderful, and TBH we love seeing art flourish everywhere possible. 

Apart from this, the singer also uploads content advocating for the LGBTQIA community and creating more awareness and sensitivity around gender and identity. 

We love to see talent bloom and receive the applause it deserves! Jay Anand also has a YouTube page where he publishes his projects. You can see them here