As we all know and have heard, the movie Jee Le Zaraa was announced to be under progress and is anticipated to hit theatres in 2023. It’s been written by Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar and is a women-centric travel film. Yep! We’re all internally screaming ‘Finally!’

Obviously, once news about it was on the internet, a lot of women were beyond excited! I mean, how many Bollywood films do you know of that are about female friendships and travel? Very few, TBH. And there definitely can’t be too many of these. In fact, when Farhan Akhtar saw the response Jee Le Zaraa received, he had a few things to say about just how significant women-centric films are. 

Whether it’s a drama, comedy or thriller, (there should be) films made about women. That balance is healthy for the creative world. Where you have the male point of view, you also have the female point of view on things. Emotionally, the construct of the two is similar (on a certain plane) yet different. To see the world through women’s eyes is important in popular culture. The more we (embrace) it, the healthier it will be for society.

-Farhan Akhtar for Mid-Day

And, yes. We agree with him a hundred per cent. It is absolutely essential that we have more films that are made from a woman’s point of view. 

Yes! We need more men thinking about the female perspective!