Life is not always a happy-go-lucky ride. And when you suffer from a heartache, it seems as if the world is going to come crashing down in front of your eyes, and you won’t be able to stop the catastrophe. But the good thing is that we are not alone in this. There will be a guardian ready to pick you up, and this time, the guardian happens to be none other than Jennifer Aniston. 

Aniston recently talked about her heartache at the annual Giffoni Film Festival in Italy. Sharing her experience, she said, “Fingers and toes would fall short of counting the number of times I have encountered the feelings of pain and rejection, but in the end one has to come out miraculously and believe in oneself.”

Check out Jennifer’s inspiring speech in this video:

This just goes on to show that feeling sad and dejected is only human. But what matters is being strong and choosing to move on.