They say that the funniest people often tend to be the saddest. Legendary comedian Robin Williams, who was also battling depression, took his own life a little over a year ago. Like so many in the same profession, Jim Carrey too is gifted with a great talent and cursed with a depression-infusing life.

He has been known to pull off some great roles. 


Not just comedy, he also does serious roles. 

There is no limit to this man’s talent.

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But no matter how goofy or wacky he appears on camera, he hasn’t had an easy life.

He had to drop out of school to take care of his mother.


He has been through two broken marriages.

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And failed relationships.

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Days after their break up, his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide due to depression.

He acted as the pallbearer & was very helpful to the White family throughout the ordeal.

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How does a man get up from that? Well, the answer to that is with the man himself. 


Watch this video as funny guy Jim Carrey talks seriously about life giving us some much needed perspective:


Source: Absolute Motivation

“We are not the avatars we create, we are the light that shines through. All else is just smoke and mirrors…”