Everybody loves Jim Carrey. His hyper energy and outrageous antics earned him a top spot in Hollywood. He fought to make his mark as a stand up comic, till he hit jackpot with his first feature film. I mean, who can forget The Mask? Or Bruce Almighty? The Truman Show is an incredible cinematic joy. Dumb And Dumber is a slapstick masterpiece. The man sure did make us laugh a lot.

Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and so many movies gave us the gift of his amazing talent. His humour and wit have continued to entertain us through the ages, and his versatility remains unmatched to this day. Who could have thought he’d carry off his serious, heart-breaking role in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind with such finesse?

But laughter is the man’s mask. 

The surface may be brash, but the depth inside is reflected by his words of wisdom. People are not as they always seem to be; Carrey proves it with a collection of quote-worthy statements. He showed us all that goofiness and seriousness can coexist, after all.

Who would’ve thought, right? He has gone through his fair share of battle with depression and tragedy, struggle and loss. No wonder he gained so many insights in life.

You had us all fooled, Carrey! We now know who you really are. And we’re glad you’re this thoughtful person inside.

There’s only Jim Carrey in the whole world, y’all. We could learn about a lot more than pulling pranks from him.

Artwork by Utkarsh Tyagi and Rohit Jakhu