The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in place have rendered millions jobless around the world.

In India too, as many as 6 crore people between the ages of 20 and 39 lost their jobs in April 2020 and they are trying to take up whatever work available to make ends meet.

Indian Express

Recently, Bollywood actor Solanki Diwakar was seen selling fruits on the streets of South Delhi after being jobless for the past 2 months.


Diwakar is a small-time actor who has worked in movies like Hawa, Halka, Kadwi Hawa, Titli, Dream Girl and Sonchiriya, among others

He belongs to a small town in Agra and had moved to Delhi in 1995. In the initial days of his life in the city, he served as a domestic help. Later, he took to selling fruits.

After a lot of struggle, he began to essay some small roles in theater and movies. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of his roles in late actor Rishi Kapoor’s upcoming movie has also been stalled.

amar ujala

Now, at a time when Diwakar is struggling to earn a living for his family, he has gone back to his old job of selling fruits.

Speaking to ANI, he said:

With the lockdown being extended I have to take care of my needs. I have to pay my rent and also need money to meet the expenses of my family. So I have turned back to selling fruits.

According to ANI, the actor can be seen at Okhla Mandi during the early hours of the day, negotiating prices and facing the everyday challenges of a fruit seller.


Happy for whatever he has, Diwakar doesn’t mind selling fruits till he gets an opportunity to face the camera again.

He is setting an example for others that no work is big or small in this time of crisis.