The confidence with which John Abraham explains the reason behind heart attacks, if I could apply that in all walks of life, I’d be somewhere else.

A place where no one takes me seriously, but that’s a separate topic.

The guy blatantly makes up stuff about the human body and explains it with so much naivety I swear I felt like it would be rude not to believe him even though I know better. You know, like when a kid tells you they saw Santa, you’re like “aww did you?”.

John says that Triglycerides are bubbles in the blood, which, when they travel to the heart, cause a stroke

Turns out, Triglycerides are not bubbles at all. They are a type of excess fat, stored in the body when you eat meals, to use that energy for later.

They can contribute to heart attacks but definitely not by traveling to it.

And this is something the internet knows. Thankfully.

No John, no.