If reports are to be believed, Johnny Depp spent a whopping ₹48.1 lakhs on a celebratory dinner at an Indian restaurant named Varanasi in Birmingham.

He spent in $62,000 on the dinner that served “authentic Indian cuisine”. This was after his team had a full security check of the restaurant and had ensured that he will be able to spend time there without his privacy getting compromised.

Johnny had earlier won on 3 counts against ex-wife Amber Heard in his defamation case. Heard, on the other hand, won 1.

In an interview given to The Post, the staff of Varanasi said:

We had a call out of the blue on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to come to eat with a group of people. I was shocked, and at first, I thought it might have been a joke. But then his security team arrived and checked out the restaurant, and we let them have the whole place because we were concerned that he might be bothered by other diners.

When Johnny came, he met the staff’s family and left with a takeaway.