Deadpool 2 is coming! And we obviously can’t keep it in our pants till it arrives. So here’s us reminiscing about some of the best moments from Deadpool. How you so hilarious, you fourth-wall-breaking merc-with-the-mouth?

1. When he gave a glimpse into his fourth-wall-breaky-ness within the first few minutes.

2. When he threw shade at world politics and kept his humour alive during this rough time.

3. This prepubescent joke we all laughed at.

4. When we couldn’t decide whether he gave the worst or best advice.

5. When he delivered this sick burn to the likes of X-Men.

6. When he threw this truth-bomb about the Taken franchise’s overkill.

7. When he subtly made a point about the film’s shoestring budget.

8. When he reminded us of the horror that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

9. This gross-yet-hilarious pop culture reference.

10. Only he could deliver this severely inappropriate joke with the straightest face ever.

11. When paranoid Deadpool was basically all of us. 

12. When he proved we’re not the only ones who get cheap thrills out of infomercials.

13. When he roasted Limp Bizkit and threw shade on his daddy issues in one breath.

14. This genius undercutting of emotions through self-deprecation.

15. When he reminded us of the confusion that comes with franchise reboots.

16. This genius statement with a hint of immature joke.

17. When he delivered this subtle burn to this overused superhero movie trope.

18. When he basically made fun of the MCU, post-credits scenes, and each one of us.

19. This SICK burn to the DCEU.

20. When he described every superhero ensemble film in a nutshell.

21. And this sassy comment on trilogies and the film – Deadpool 2 itself.

Design credits: Kumar Sonu