So, our favourite GoT couple finally tied the knot. Yes, we’re talking about Jon Snow, a.k.a., Kit Harington and Ygritte, a.k.a., Rose Leslie and be still, our beating hearts! 

We’re officially calling this one The White Wedding! 

Harington and Leslie, who started dating soon after their onscreen characters met got married yesterday, June 23rd, 2018 in Aberdeen, Scotland and it was a typical Scottish-style wedding, kilts and all! 

The ceremony was presided over by the priest, in a church was as traditional as it gets and, well, why are we doing all the talking… see the pictures and decide for yourself! 

1. The awwdorable couple.

2. Hand in hand.

3. And they’re getting married! 


4. Don’t they just look beautiful together? And so happy! 

5. This is what happy ever after looks like.


6. Love is in the air indeed.

7. Just Married.

8. Rose Leslie looks so beautiful it’s making my heart burst.

9. Happily ever after.

10. The bride is stepping out of the car, with her Dad, Sebastian ready to give her his arm, one final time. So Christian and proper! 


 11. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?


 12. Oh hello, Sir Davos! He’s here for his King in the North! I’m crying. 

13. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams were there for their on screen brother, too. Oh, the Starks! 

14. And so was Daenaerys Targaryen… we mean, Emilia Clarke.

15. And Jon Snow’s main man himself! This is what the Night’s Watch is all about. 

16. Oh, no big deal just Marcus Mumford walking by… you think he was part of the wedding choir?

17. Peter Dinklage looks so darn good here. 

18. There’s a Lannister at a Stark wedding! 

19. I mean he is Queen Dany’s hand, so it made sense to arrive with her. 

20. Sophie Turner looks totally badass by the way. 


21. Okay, we’re having a moment as Sam, Gendry and Varys walk by. 

22. So, if Jon Snow is taken, is Gendry still available? 

23. And that’s Malin Ackerman with boyfriend, Jack Donelly. 

24. Arya Stark has her game face on (psst Maisie Williams, where can we get those specs?)

25. Damn, Jon Snow never looked this happy! 

26. These brothers in arms, standing guard against the White Walkers, eh?

27. And now, I want to run away in a jeep! 

28. Why was this not live telecast?

Love is surely in the air, it’s everywhere.