Now it’s not a secret that Zac Efron is a complete package. He’s got those charming looks, that hot bod, he can dance and well.. did we say he’s got a hot bod? 

His new look in Down To Earth is taking our breaths away. But hey, let’s not forget that we love him at every stage of his life. So here are some pics of Zac to show that he just keeps getting better with age. 

Hello 911, no one told us that Zac and nature is the most lethal combination ever. 

We love the nature. ONLY THE NATURE. 

However, we’d love to learn horseriding if he becomes our instructor. 

OH MY GOD! How did we forget that silver hair phase of this gorgeous man? 

Women Heath Mag

Yep, we approve the mustache. 

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May your holidays be epic. 🎄#happyholidays

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That slick hairstyle and that tuxedo is all we want to see him in. 


What is this jawline? 

US Magazine

Hello, greasy 8-pack-abs from Baywatch. We love you. 


Meredith Corp

Can you climb that rope over and over again? We sort of missed it.  

Footwear News

Now how can we forget about young Zac? 


And those long hair days? 


And now just a special mention to Zac with a basketball. Because why not? 


And a young Troy Bolton. Sigh!

Teen Vogue

Can’t believe how good looking he is.