Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a handsome one. No matter how much you dispute his policies or his brown face, it’s a fact you can’t deny. 


Now Trudeau has once again found himself becoming the darling of social media, after a camera caught him flipping his hair through a live interview. 


Unlike some heads of state, Trudeau has been regularly interacting with the media and addressing his country about what his government is doing for the people during these testing times. 


During a recent briefing, Trudeau was speaking about financial support and economic relief for those with indigenous businesses, from his Ottawa cottage, when his hair fell on his face and he did what all of us would do- a hair flip. 

But, the internet, being the internet, did some amazing things to this said clip. 

Now all we have to do is wait for a TikTok challenge, if that hasn’t happened yet.