K-pop fans are known to be extremely zealous when it comes to supporting their favourite idols. But this time, the fans are here to stand up against racial discrimination and we can’t help but stan them! 

Hashtags like “White Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter” and “WhiteOutTuesday” were being used to criticise and demean the “Black Lives Matter” movement. And so, K-Pop fans drowned out the hatred by using the hashtag to post their favourite pictures and videos of BTS, Blackpink and Loona! What a win-win situation. 

The white boxes that were being used to promote ‘White Lives Matter’ soon found themselves drowned in the hashtag as the K-Pop fans. Dominated by the ARMY that took over the feed with adorable posts of Jungkook making our day brighter. 

Twitter is hailing all K-Pop fans for fighting racism with Jungkook’s smile.

This isn’t the first time that K-pop fans have stood up against racism, this weekend when the Dallas Police Department requested people to send them footage of ‘illegal activity from the protests’ using the iWatch Dallas app, the K-pop stans were quick to respond. They overloaded the reporting system with clips from their favourite K-pop concerts and it seems like quite a colourful way to combat racism.