I might be a bit late at finding this out, but Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham has 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a job well done by the critics. 

(Or as Poo would tell them: Hallelujah).

Tabloid XO

Because you see, for 100% rating, a movie needs to be 3 things: Good hook, good hook and good hook.

And K3G is. It hooks you like anything.

Primo Gif

It has everything.

Romance, heartbreak, dancing, patriotism, body transformation, face transformation, delusion – you name it.

Times of India

And thanks to Shah Rukh’s charm, Amitabh Bachchan’s acting and Hrithik’s existence – you buy everything.

I mean, now we are all grown ups so we question how can a sprawling bungalow, spread over 500 acres, be at a walking distance from Chandni Chowk? 


But the first time we saw it, we were like yeah okay, who cares? We just wanted to see SRK-Kajol running.

And dude, they ran. 


K3G is cult for a reason. It transcends boundaries 

Don’t take my word, look at our guy Dennis Schwartz’s opinion.

Rotten Tomatoes

And Derek Elley’s.

Crosscuts between the Western-influenced party and Anjali’s more traditional, middle-class milieu.

Rotten Tomatoes

I haven’t read Derek’s reviews but anyone who uses the word ‘milieu’ casually, has my trust.

It’s time to revisit the movie again, I guess, because kaun hai wo, jisne dobara mud kar K3G nahin dekhi?