If there’s one thing we love to see the most, it’s seeing role models and celebs use their voices to empower people. This doesn’t have to be in some long preachy IG video, it can just be in a moment of honesty by someone. Just like these wise words Kajol said during an interview


This was an interview where she was talking about her short film Devi. And while discussing gender equality the actor said something truly memorable and important. 


Kajol talked about how important it is to raise your children in a way where they grow up to become wholesome individuals rather than an ideal man or woman. 

Agar aap apne bete ko sikha rahe ho ki “badhe hokar tumhe job karna hai, tumhe kamayi karni hai, tumhe apne zindagi ka kuchh karna hai,” toh aap apni beti ko woh kyun nahi sikha rahe ho? Aur agar aap apni beti ko khaana pakaana sikha rahe ho, toh aap apne bete ko kyun nahi sikha rahe ho khana pakaana? Dono cheezien dono ke liye zaroori hai. Jaise ghar sambhalna sirf ek aurat ke responsiblity nahi hoti hai, vaise hi kamaana sirf ek aadmi ki reponsibilty nahi ho sakti hai. 

-Kajol told Spotboye

We’re on board with what Kajol says, a hundred percent.