Kal Ho Na Ho made me want to settle for no less than an Aman Mathur (Shah Rukh Khan) in my life. We tap our feet on the tunes Mahi Ve and also shed countless tears with him as and when he reads the unwritten diary to Naina (Preity Zinta). 

Twitter is an incredible place to be at. It keeps digging into old gems and dissects the scenes in ways no one else has. This time, a Twitter user Pulkit Kochar has pointed out an error in the most poignant (and our most favourite) scene from Kal Ho Na Ho. Perhaps, our blurry eyes couldn’t realise it back then! 

This is how Twitter reacted and defended the scene!  

Surprisingly, Twitter users also found the video from where the cut was borrowed. It was in one of the deleted scenes of the movie. 

Really, who gave a damn about the diary when my ‘naina’ were fixed at SRK’s teary eyes!