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Kalki Koechlin’s million dollar smile & cheery eyes can brighten up anyone’s day. And believe us when we say, that our day was substantially lit up when we got a glimpse of her house in Pondi. Right from the charmingly rustic, traditional pillars to the old school kitchenette, every nook and cranny has an imprint of Kalki’s free spirited nature in it.

Built in 2011, Kalki’s dwelling is a creation of her Mother’s vision and is peppered with handpicked knick knacks that reflect her persona. A mixture of French & Tamil influences, the house consists of teakwood shutters that flood the house with bright sunlight when flung open. And, if you thought that the Bollywood actress visits a swanky studio for her rehearsals, you will be surprised to hear about her makeshift arrangements!

True to Kalki’s colorful & eclectic nature, her bedroom consists of a wardrobe filled with an array of hippie clothing pieces that she wears till date much to her mother’s dismay. The tranquil dwelling is her safe haven where she spends time cuddling with her cat, rehearsing for plays & watching Netflix.

A biker, a surfer, an actor and a poet, there are many hues that hide within Kalki’s colorful persona. If you find this hard to digest, then wait till you hear what she’s named her cat!

‘Where the heart is’ a new series by Asian Paints takes you on a tour around the homes of your favorite celebs. Now even you can get a glimpse into the heart and home of the ultra vibrant Kalki Koechlin.