No one knows why Kangana Ranaut says what she says and at this point, it’s tough to tell what exactly she is even fighting for.

Surprisingly, that isn’t even my biggest concern. The most bothersome are the offensive comments that she is never shy of making. 

After saying that Urmila Matondkar is ‘known for soft porn’, Kangana has now verbally attacked actor Deepika Padukone, saying that ‘depression is a consequence of drug abuse’.

Sharing a clip from Times Now, where Navika Kumar reveals how a particular WhatsApp chat about drugs involved Deepika, Kangana tweeted:

Deepika is one of the first mainstream Indian celebrities to start a conversation around mental health, and has tried to help people fighting from depression by sharing her own experiences. 

And for Kangana to take a dig at her in this manner, and trivialising a disease, which in worst cases, can claim lives, is not only irresponsible but also disturbing. 

Her tweet has received much deserved criticism online and here are some of the reactions. 

Depression is a serious mental illness with not enough awareness around it. Comments like this only make the matters worse and should be avoided at all costs.