With over 3 lakh cases of Covid in India recorded every single day, it comes as no surprise that people from across the country are trying to help by setting up oxygen plants.  

People are scrambling to save others, however, there is one celeb who can’t seem to look past her own privilege and understand what is happening in the country. 

And we’re really worried about what drugs Kangana is on, because nobody can be this insensitive and oblivious, can they? 

Kangana asked people to worry about the environment and nature because we are ‘taking’ oxygen from the air and using it to save patients. People are loosing their entire families to this pandemic and oxygen shortage, but Kangana can’t stop tweeting about her priorities. And yes, we are worried about afforestation as well, but nothing is an excuse to sound so tone deaf because she did just compare people who are dying, to ‘miserable pests’. 

This isn’t the first time Kangana has said something that doesn’t sit well, morally. 

Oh Kangana, where did you learn middle school science from?