In a country of 1.3 billion, it’s an accomplishment to have your absence from a social media platform, be evident. And man! is Kangana’s absence from Twitter evident?!

But the thing is, there is another platform where she is still present, making up for all the tweets she cannot post.

I hope everyone remembers the strange/derogatory posters of Mamta Banerjee she posted on her stories. Now, she has moved on to a new level. In a recent post of Yami Gautam, who got married a few days ago, Kangana called Vikrant Massey a “cockroach”.

Hindustan Times

We are genuinely worried for her, we have been for months.

This was the photo Yami had posted, to which several celebrities responded in the comments.

And then Kangana came and ruined it for everyone.

She also replied to Ayushmann Khurrana, and we were immediately reminded of all her science tweets that made no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, the news reached Twitter very soon and here are some of the reactions.

Someone needs to stop her.