The self proclaimed ‘Epitome of Truth’, Sadhguru recently sat down for a lengthy chat with Kangana Ranaut for a segment of In Conversation with the Mystic. She was invited to ask the man questions (which is apparently pretty difficult considering his penchant for prattle). 

It was a freewheeling and perplexing situation that made for some very strange moments, such as these.

If someone insults India, Kangana goes from 0 to 100 real fast.

There was also liberal amounts of liberal bashing.

Then there was this random (and debatable) gem. 

Kangana’s clearly been very miffed about not being able to save a cow on screen.

Especially when it comes to looking like an idiot. In relation to people being lynched.

Some obligatory mid-interview liberal hatin’.

Watch out soldiers, liberals are coming for you! They’re gonna steal your jobs, bomb your land and dance in the burning wreckage.

Some vague justifications for lynchings were also on the menu. This is India, yaar!

Cows, obviously, can never be on the menu. Kangana’s also super ready with her cattle facts.

They swung onto the population problem, and honestly seemed to be making sense… 

… until they didn’t again.

Honestly, this entire exchange was just plain uncomfortable to watch. 

You can watch the entire thing below.

*Scratches head*