Karan Johar has always been the centre of homophobic jokes in India. His morning begins with “gay ma*****od, good mornin” ever since he joined Twitter, the platform which allows everyone a chance to interact with famous personalities. 

The haters make sure his morning begins not on a happy note but on a hate note. But in his latest column for NDTV, he had addressed his haters and given them the perfect reply. 

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Here are a few of his best quotes from his open letter to haters.

It was hate at first sight when he joined social media.  

  • “While most people have alarm clocks, I get to wake up every morning to “gay ma*****od, good morning”. It is, I grant you, not the usual, but there it is.”
  • “I was one of the first early Twitter users from the film fraternity. And back then in 2009, I thought I was going to enter a world where people liked me, knew me, knew my work – it was going to be fine! All about the love, not the hate. And it was. At first.”
  • “But then started the phase where I began to wake up to “gay ma*****od, good morning”. Every morning. Or just “hi gay”. I am routinely called “chakka”. Every so often, I’m told I’m a transsexual/transvestite/sister-shagging homosexual, which is actually, if you think about it, a contradiction in terms.”

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It took him a lot of time to figure out what’s with all the hatred. 

  • “And I’ve tried to figure out what’s behind the nonstop trolling. I’ve discussed it with friends, family, even my therapist. Why is it that every time I put up a pouting picture on Instagram, I’m just called chakka, gay, I’m told “chup kar ch***ye? That’s my favourite, by the way. My absolute favourite. Anything I ever say, these three golden words are thrown at me.”
  • “So I’m back at my therapist asking what is it about me that makes people abuse me. I understand I’m not the most masculine human being, I’m not the most macho stud walking the block, and I also understand (even if I think it’s ridiculous) that if you’re seen as a little effeminate, you’re made fun of.” 
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People wouldn’t even leave him alone if he wants to pout

  • “Then there’s the fact that I pout and I can’t help it because I want to suck in my cheekbones, and then my lips protrude (and I do have kind of luscious lips), and there I am, and I can never smile for a picture again.” 
  • “If I did have a six-pack to show and a great waistline to put out there to the universe or beautiful muscular legs, then I would not have to pout. The only thing I have going for me is a jawline. And dammit, I will use it! And so, ok, when I do, my eyes on their own sort shift to a half-lidded, Blue Steel type stare, but well, it goes so well with the pout.”
  • “Of course now I’ve reached a point where I no longer know how to smile for a camera. It has become a disorder: I call it poutitus. (Maybe medical science could call me since I’m so good with the diagnosis?) And since I am so afflicted, I clearly deserve the trolling I get daily.”
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He’s not the only one who’s the centre of hatred. Remember the time everyone blamed Anushka Sharma when India lost the match. 

  • “Take Anushka Sharma, what did she have to do with a lost match?”
  • “There’s a particular brand of pervert just looking to hate, and they’re often drowning us out in the din.”
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Finally his heartfelt message to all his trollers. 

  • “You’re probably as unattractive as you seem to think me. You probably hate my selfies, because you don’t love what you see in your’s. You obviously have no job! And your solution to life’s frustrations is to take it out on me (and a few unlucky others). And now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I want to tell you that you don’t actually disturb me any more. What would disturb me was if I allowed you the smallest amount of influence over my life.”
  • “What you don’t realise is that with a certain level of fame and celebrity come deep levels of insecurity and anxiety which none of you accounts for. Everyone thinks I land in a chopper on top of my building and I have the most cushy existence. Could you understand that I might have the most messed up life myself?”
  • “And so even though you don’t deserve it, I’m going to share this with you: I do realise that famous people are the most annoying to those who aren’t.”
  • “The difference is I energize myself and my surroundings with a certain amount of positivity and optimism, and all you do is hate.”
  • “I maybe as sad as you, as lonely as you, as messed up as you, but here’s what I also know: I’m just a lot nicer than you.”

Amidst all the hate Karan and SRK had a slight BFF moment on Twitter. 

Now that was cute!