Karan Johar recently lashed out against Kangana Ranaut during an interview with Anupama Chopra. The video, recorded slyly on a phone camera, created a stir immediately after it was released on Twitter.

Here is the video:

His reactions were spontaneous and, to the audience, it seemed like it was building up inside him. Anupama Chopra gave him an opportunity to vent and Karan latched onto it.

Karan was asked about Kangana’s comments on his show Koffee with Karan where Kangana told him to his face that if ever her biopic was made, Karan Johar would be playing the character of a Bollywood mafia who is a ‘flag bearer of nepotism’ and ‘intolerant of outsiders’.

She also said that it was Karan Johar who made fun of her English on the same show some years back. This, Kangana said, encouraged her to work harder on her spoken English and conquer the handicap.

Nobody ever gave it back to Karan the way Kangana did. 

She said a lot of other things too but the best part is, she said all of them to his face. Karan, despite having plenty of opportunities, chose not to defend himself.

But Karan Johar, being the person that he is, chose to take it out on Kangana where she was not there to defend herself. This typically ‘high-society behaviour’ of talking behind somebody’s back is known as bitching and Karan certainly transformed it into an art form that day in front of Anupama Chopra.

Karan said that he was tired of Kangana playing the victim and taking advantage of the fact that she is a woman.

Interestingly, Kangana never played a victim or asked for sympathy on his show. She was completely in charge and was just stating facts.

b’Source: Star World’

While we cannot do anything about the fact that Karan Kohar is not a woman, but playing the victim card and asking for sympathy is clearly his forte, like many before me have pointed out.

His autobiography is filled with references about how he is a victim of his own sexual preferences and professional expectations.

If that isn’t enough, he has written plenty of blogs that might make you cry looking at his so-called ‘miseries’. Like this one where he says he doesn’t get enough sex, or this one where he says that a lot of people abuse him on Twitter because of his sexuality.

Karan further stated that he cannot be accused of nepotism. He rattled off a list of names of first-time directors he introduced through his production house. Well done!

This proves that Karan Johar is either dumb or he is an expert in cleverly shifting the goal posts.

Kangana was, of course, not referring to the directors who Karan so lovingly nurtured in his production house. She was referring to the actors or the lead roles, because she is an actress. We all understood that? Didn’t we?

Oh wait, Karan Johar didn’t. Why? Because Karan Johar only works with kids of filmy families. The only outsider he has worked with, is perhaps Shah Rukh Khan.

b’Source: Star World’

Karan Johar then went on to say that he is gracious and magnanimous because he chose to let that part remain on the show. Oh, how kind of him!

Let’s face the fact that he didn’t have too many options because Kangana’s comments were sure to drive viewership and no channel would have agreed to abandon it. Hence, the channel just went ahead with the controversial content in their promos to gain TRPs (which Karan so correctly predicted during the shooting of the episode).

So, even if he wanted, he couldn’t have axed Kangana’s explosive comments from the show because that would mean that he would be at loggerheads with the channel.

Lastly, we talk about the most outrageous comment from Karan Johar where he asked Kangana to leave Bollywood if “it was such a bad place”.

Kangana has never said ever that Bollywood is a bad place. What she has said over and over again is that it is tough for outsiders to get a foothold in Bollywood because of people like Karan Johar who are opposed to the idea of hiring actors who don’t have a pedigree.

By asking her to leave Bollywood, Karan Johar lived upto Kangana’s observations about him – of being intolerant and ‘a mafia’.

It is curious that Karan has carefully chosen the time of this attack. Kangana is already facing a barrage of insults from the film industry and her big-ticket film Rangoon, directed by Vishal Bharadwaj has flopped at the box office.

She is down and perhaps more vulnerable than ever.

But then, who can expect empathy from a big bully like Karan Johar? 

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