Karan Johar has been in his ‘pouting era’ for a long time now. He can pout anywhere, no matter the occasion. And perhaps because he has (over)mentioned his left profile pout over the years or cos Karan Johar’s pout pictures exist everywhere, it has become difficult to imagine KJo without his lips-out-tilted-head expression.

I mean, here’s a picture of Karan Johar pouting while clicking a selfie:

Karan Johar pout

Here’s him pouting at a party:

Karan Johar pout
Bollywood Life

Here’s KJo pouting while promoting his film:

Karan Johar pout fan page
Karan Johar Instagram

Here’s him pouting for no reason:

Karan Johar pout fan page

Here’s KJo making his mom pout:

Karan Johar pout fan page
Times of India

And here’s him getting pout-shamed by his son:

Once, Karan Johar actually delivered a ‘pout masterclass’:

Phew! We can conclude that Karan Johar is basically a brand ambassador for pouting in pictures. I remember seeing his pouts in my late teens and how it prompted me to make that expression in every picture in the most awkward way possible. My memories folder is scarred now. I will never forgive him for it (*sighs of embarrassment*). 

As mentioned earlier, I think KJo has pouted so much that it is hard to imagine him without it. And well, as weird as it sounds, there is now an Instagram page for it. Yes, you read that correctly. It proudly proclaims itself as the ‘The Official Fan Page of Karan Johar’s Pout’. 

Karan Johar pout fan page
Karan Johar Pout Instagram

This fan page caters to some bizarre obsession with Karan Johar’s pouts. Just look for yourself:

And here you were thinking the Internet couldn’t get any weirder!