In each episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7, KJo comes up with just the right questions that leave most people stumped. But, the finale was a little different and it was Karan Johar who was left speechless, when Kusha, Tanmay, Danish and Niharika threw curveballs at him.


And while KJo is this Bollywood star who’s on top of his game, even he fears his mother. So, when it comes to desi moms, there’s not much difference between us and celebrities. Basically, Karan was made to do the Koffee Bingo, and he circled “scared of my mother” like a kindergartener going gaga with crayons.

Desi Mom

He also shared how his mom still calls him asking about his whereabouts, and well, that has to be the most relatable moment from Koffee With Karan ever.

Karan Johar

Like every mom, she also interrogates him if he doesn’t come into her room first, after entering the house. Of course, there’s a serious discussion the day after if he’s late, just like it happens in every other desi household. The takeaway is, that you could have the most popular show or films that are breaking records on the box-office, but you cannot not be scared of your mother. Deep down we all know it’s true.

Koffee With Karan

Sharing your live location at all times, is a mandate, even for Karan Johar. I suddenly feel a little better about myself.

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