Dancing on Bole Chudiyan in a baby pink backless lehenga on your best friend’s sangeet is literally every desi bridesmaid’s dream and their basic birthright. 


Well, would you believe me if I told you that Poo was back in the game, dancing to Bole Chudiyan on her relative’s wedding? Leave whatever you’re doing, this is not a drill. After 19 years, Poo is finally back with her sass and her killer moves. 

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Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan was spotted dancing to her evergreen, go-to-sangeet-song, Bole Chudiyan on her cousin Armaan Jain’s wedding and the 14-year-old inside me literally CANNOT STOP SCREAMING. 

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Well, Poo wasn’t alone, the mastermind behind this classic sangeet song, KJo, was accompanying Bebo and Lolo on stage as all of them casually grooved to the beats of Bole Chudiyan

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Though Kareena’s signature baby pink Manish Malhotra backless lehenga was dearly missed, we’ll settle for her metallic silver look as long as we have Poo’s sass and expressions. 


And I don’t know about y’all but I think Bebo doing the hook step of Bole Chudiyan after such a long time is literally the best, most nostalgic thing you’ll see on the internet. 

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I mean I have literally grown from a teenage girl to an adult listening to this song and trying to copy Kareena’s steps but Bebo has really not aged a day. 


She remembers the exact expressions, the perfect amount of Poo sass and her killer steps as if this movie and song was released this year. 

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Well, whether it’s for Bollywood A-Listers wedding or an on-budget-wedding, this viral video has proved that Bole Chudiyan is literally the staple, go-to-sangeet song. 

Watch the full video here: