In a new bout of violence, Rajput Karni Sena on Wednesday attacked a school bus in Gurugram while protesting against the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat. 

According to reports, a group of protestors reportedly pelted stones at a bus belonging to GD Goenka School. The incident took place at Sohna Road in Bhondsi village while the bus was ferrying children back home around 2 pm in the afternoon. 

A 15-second video clip surfaced on the internet showing little kids and teachers taking shelter under the seats, crying for help. 

It’s quite unfortunate that an incident like this happened even when section 144 was imposed in the state. So much for your honour Karni Sena. You terrorise young children, whose honour are we protecting?

Condemning the attack, many took to Twitter. 

Harayana Police have managed to arrest 13 attackers in the case but the fear among people remains and even cinema halls in the state have put up notices stating they won’t screen the film. 

Despite Supreme Court and the Central Bureau of Film Certification paving the way for the release of film Padmaavat, protests across the country against the period drama refuse to fade away. 

Hindustan Times

Earlier, on Monday, a group of unidentified men took to vandalism in different places in Gurgaon to allegedly protest the release of Padmaavat. Around 15 men had broken LCD TVs and glass panes at Raheja Mall in Sohna road and had also broken the windows of a bus on Sector 37 highway. 

India Times

But that’s not all. 

The protests were seen in several other states. 

They had set vehicles ablaze outside a multiplex in Ahmedabad, which was to screen the movie. And even created ruckus in Surat. 

As the film braces for release today, the mood across the country is extremely tense. The law and order situation is dire, and it has made a mockery of our democracy. This is all for a film, after all. If a movie like Padmaavat is degrading your culture, Karni Sena, then what are these attacks doing?